Location :

I live between Copenhagen and Elsinore with a view to the the northern hemisphere. My observation environment is not optimal cause the lightpolution from nearby citys, but still it is possible to make some nice astrophotos.

My gear :

I don't use some very expensive highend telescopes.
I believe it is possible to make decents results from my present gear,
but over time and if my budget permit I will possibly add some new.

Gear list :

Newton : 1000mm f/5 SkyWatcher Explorer200
Widefield scope : 420 mm f/6 TS IN70ED
Guidescope : SkyWatcher 400mm f/5 80mm OTA
Mount : HEQ5 PRO
DSLR camera : Canon EOS 1000D (unmodified)
Guide camera : AL-CCD5
(the cat is not included)

Old PC : AMD 64 4000+ , with 2 Gb Ram
Software (most freeware) : PHD guiding, DeepSkyStacker, Gimp2,
Digital Photo Professional (Canon software) , etc.

Contact :

Feel free to send me a e-mail to ma2netmail@yahoo.dk

Last update: 17-11-2009
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